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Aadi Krithigai 2022 Kavadi Festival Date Pooja Timings

Know the latest news about the Aadi Krithigai 2022 Kavadi Festival Date Pooja Timings, Aadi Krithigai Festival Pooja Procedure Kavadi Procedure

Aadi Krithigai festival which is also known as the Kavadi festival is very important festival for the Lord Murugan. The Aadi Krithigai festival falls in the month of aadi as per the Tamil Calendar. The Aadi Krithigai is celebrated in utmost garand manner in the temple of Murugan. Lord Murugan is also known as the Lord Subramanyan or Lord Kumaraswamy in many parts of India. The Aadi Krithigai festival is the most celebrated festival in the state of Tamilnadu

Along with Tamilnadu, the Aadi Krithigai festival is celebrated by devotees of the Lord Murugan. The temples will making special arrangements for the pilgrims. There will huge crowds in the temples of Lord Murugan. Also, the tradition of the Aadi Krithigai is celebrated by taking the Kavadi to the temple from the home. Kavadi is stick which is taken on the Shoulders with the Murugan prasadam carrying at the two ends of the stick. This is the reason this festival is also known as the Kavadi Festival in the temple

Aadi Krithigai 2022 Kavadi Festival Date Pooja Timings

The date of the Aadi Krithigai 2022 is 23 July 2022, Saturday

The timings of the Aadi Krithigai is from morning to evening with the pooja being held mostly in the afternoons.

  • The pilgrims who takes the Kavadi in the Aadi Krithigai day will be doing pooja in the morning or else before day and will go to the temple
  • The pilgrims will be making the kavadai ready with the prasadam and will be wearing the yellow clothes. Most of the pilgrims will be going to the temple by walk and some by other means of transport
  • After going to the temple the pilgrims will handing over the Kavadi at the temple and will have the Darshan.
  • The devotees who dont have the Aadi Krithigai festival will be doing normal pooja at home in the afternoon with the Prasadam.

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