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Calendar 2022 India With Holidays And Festivals PDF

Calendar 2022 India With Holidays And Festivals PDF as below provides the both Central and state government holidays. Every year, the Government of Indian will be releasing the calender of festivals and the allocated holidays. Similarly, for the year of 2022 also, the government of India ahs released the list as below. Along with this holiday list, the state government may include or exclude some holiday out of this. But as a standard most states will be ahving 14-15 festival holidays in year.

The below list is combination of all states holidays and festivals in India for the year of 2022. Please note, these holiday might be available for some states and some states will not follow these holiday.

Click Here to Download Calendar 2022 India With Holidays And Festivals PDF

Most states in India provdes the holidays for the festivals which are followed in that particular state. The holiday which every is listed in the list are the standard festivals which are celebrated india. These festival are local festivals. The Central government provides the holiday for the union employees only for the festivals which are celebrated through out the country.

But the states need not to follow the list provided by the central government. So the states will release the calender for each and every department based on the need of the holiday for any festival in that particular state. Please download the holidays and festivals list for that particular state which you are in.

Some private companies even more cutdown the holidays which are provided by the state and center based on their need. But its up to each and every organization to follow the list of holidays and festivals. Also, it depends on the location in which the company is located. Based the location and the festivals celebrated locally, the holidays will be provided by the orgnization.




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