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Tirupati Accommodation Online Booking Srinivasam

Tirupati Accommodation Online Booking Srinivasam for pilgrims can follow below procedure. Lakhs of pilgrims visit the Tirumala temple every day for the Darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara. Most of the pilgrims who visits Tirumala want to stay in the tirumala. But the accommodation in the Tirumala is limited. Also, it is very tough for the pilgrims to get the accommodation in Tirumala. So, for this TTD has many facilities in the City of Tirupati to accommodate the pilgrims.

Out of all the building which TTD have in the Tirupati, Srinivasam complx is chosen by many pilgrims. Srinivasam is chosen by many pilgrims because of the below reason.

  • Srinivasam complex is located near the prime locations like bus stand
  • Its is available just before the Tirupati Bus stand
  • It is one of the largest and oldest in Tirupati which is accomodating the pilgrims who is visiting Tirupati
  • It has huge parking space for four wheelers
  • It is easy to travel from Srinivasam to Tirumala
  • Srinivasam complex has ticket counters to enhance the booking of Current availability.

Because of these reasons the Srinivasam complex is chosen by many number of pilgrims for the accommodation Tirupati. Apart from Srinivasam pilgrims can also choose Madhavam or any other rest house in Tirupati

Tirupati Accommodation Online Booking Srinivasam

Pigrims can book for the Tirupati Accommodation at Srinivasam by follow below procedure online. Please note, the accomodation can be booked online when the quota is released.

  • Pilgrim need to create an account on TTD Official website. Click here to visit the website
  • Every month, the accommodation quota is released for the consecutive months on the website.
  • When the accommodation is released for the desired date pilgrims can book for the accommodation from the above website.
  • Please note, pilgrims cannot choose which complex they want to stay. The accommodation is allotted based on the facilities which has the availability through an automated system
  • So, in other sense, pilgrims can book only accommodation but they cannot choose where to stay. It will be allotted by TTD itself.
  • Also, there are number of rooms types in Srinivasam Tirupati on different proce categories. Pilgrims can choose the categories based on their requirement,
  • The accommodation in Tirupati will not be provided to any single person or un married couple at any cost.
  • As of now, the current availability for the accommodation in Tirupati is also available.
  • Any room can be assigned only for a period of 24 hours.


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