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TTD 300 Rs Ticket Online Booking Release Date

Know more on TTD 300 Rs Ticket Online Booking Release Date. Pilgrims who want to visit the Tirumala for Lord Balaji Darshan mostly depends on the 300 rs Darshan. This Darshan is also called as the Special Darshan. TTD Sells almost 3 – 4 lakhs of 300 rs tickets per month. Pilgrims who visits Tirumala books this Darshan online only. That is the reason this tickets are on most demand.

The procedure of booking the 300rs tickets for the Darshan of Lord Balaji as as below. Pilgrims needs to be very careful while booking the tickets. Cancellation and postponment of the tickets is not allowed. Also, the tickets are linked to the aadhar card of the pilgrims. So, the tickets and not even tranferrable to the other people.

TTD 300 Rs Ticket Online Booking Release Date

  • Every month TTD releases the tickets for the pilgrims to book for 300 rs tickets on their website.
  • Pilgrims need to first register on the website. Click Here to access the website.
  • It is highly suggested to register on the website before itself. Because during booking the pilgrims will not have much time to do the registration.
  • Every month the date of the release of the tickets changes. Pilgrims need to put an eye on the news and TTD offical website as above. Please remember, previously TTD use to release the tickets on a standard date. But now, the release dates are tentative and keeps changing.
  • The news of the release dates of the tickets will be available on the official website before 2-3 days along with the release timings.
  • Pilgrims need to login to the TTD website at that time and has to book for the tickets.
  • Please note, as the tickets are of high demand, the tickets gets sold in a matter of minutes. So pilgrims has to be fast and keep all the details in handy so that they can do the transaction quickly.



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