Tamil Aadi Masam 2022 Start Date And End Date

Tamil Aadi Masam 2022 Start Date And End Date provides the start and ending dates of the Aadi masam. Aadi Masam is very important month in the Tamil calendar. Generally, this month is considered as the good month. many good functions, festivals and occasions happen in this month. Most of the people will be starting good things in this month. As per the tamil calendar, the Aadi Masam has very special significance. If the astrology of the bride and bridegroom permits then the people will be doing marriage and engagement in the aadi masam.

Generally, in the month of Aadi Masam, the New Moon day is very important. And many people will be planning for pooja for their ancestors on this aadi month. People plan for pilgrimages to the temples which are having special occasions and also festivals in this aadi masam. Below are the start and end dates of the aadi masam as per the Tamil calendar.

Tamil Aadi Masam 2022 Start Date And End Date

As per the Tamil calendar, the Aadi Masam 2022 starts on Thursday, 30 June. The aadi masam ends on Thursday, 28 July.

The details of each day and date in the aadi masam is as below

17-Jul-2022Theipirai Thithi Sunyam
18-Jul-2022Theipirai Thithi Sunyam
19-Jul-2022Theipirai Titittuvam
20-Jul-2022Theipirai Saptami
21-Jul-2022Theipirai Ashtami
22-Jul-2022Theipirai Navami
23-Jul-2022Theipirai Dasami
24-Jul-2022Theipirai Ekadasi
25-Jul-2022Theipirai Dwadashi
26-Jul-2022Theipirai Trayodasi
27-Jul-2022Theipirai Chaturdashi
28-Jul-2022Theipirai Amavasai
29-Jul-2022Valarpirai Prathamai
30-Jul-2022Valarpirai Dwitiya
31-Jul-2022Valarpirai Tritiya
1-Aug-2022Valarpirai Chathurthi
2-Aug-2022Valarpirai Panchami
3-Aug-2022Valarpirai Shashti
4-Aug-2022Valarpirai Saptami
5-Aug-2022Valarpirai Ashtami
6-Aug-2022Valarpirai Navami
7-Aug-2022Valarpirai Dasami
8-Aug-2022Valarpirai Ekadasi
9-Aug-2022Valarpirai Titittuvam
10-Aug-2022Valarpirai Chaturdashi
11-Aug-2022Valarpirai Pournami
12-Aug-2022Theipirai Prathamai
13-Aug-2022Theipirai Dwitiya
14-Aug-2022Theipirai Tritiya
15-Aug-2022Theipirai Chathurthi
16-Aug-2022Theipirai Panchami

The Aadi Masam is generally considered a good month for marriages and other functions. People who want to perform this can check the astrologers and can perform the activities,

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