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Sri Ahobila Mutt Tirumala Accommodation

Sri Ahobila Mutt Tirumala Accommodation as below provides the details about the accommodation and room booking for the Ahobila Mutt which is located in Tirumala. Many spiritual mutts have placed their branches in Tirumala long back. Many of these mutts has started before hundreds of years and has a long history. These mutts are located in Tirumala to assist in Spiritual things and also help the pilgrims from their mutts and their followers in terms of accommodating them and also some mutts will be providing food also.

In a similar manner, Ahobila Mutt has also its own mutt which is located in Tirumala. This mutt is located just behind the Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Swamy temple. The next street behind the temple will be the location of most of the mutts. Similar to other mutts in the area, Ahobila Mutt also will be providing rooms and also other facilities for their pilgrims. Many of these mutts is not open to all pilgrims. Most of them will be opened only for brahmins and their followers.

So this is the reason, the accommodation or else the other facilities will not be directly available to all the pilgrims in the Mutt. The pilgrims who want to access the facilities provided by the mutts has to check this first.

Sri Ahobila Mutt Tirumala Accommodation

The Ahobila Mutt has several facilities for the pilgrims including accommodation. The pilgrims can reach the Ahobila Mutt for the details of the accommodation. The accommodation cannot be booked online and hence the pilgrims have to directly reach the Ahobila Mutt for booking the rooms

The rooms in the Ahobila Mutt in Tirumala will have all the required basic amenities. The pilgrims can book the rooms in advance. Depending on the demand and the crowd, the mutt might ask you to pay a nominal fee for the accommodation. The details of the Mutt is as below

  • Sri Ahobila Math Complex,
  • Ring Road, Kulaikunta,
  • Tirumala – 517 504 Tirumala

Pilgrims can contact the mutt on the below mobile number for any queries and details.

  • Sri Murali Madhavan,
  • Manager Phone:9246376252

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