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Aani Masam 2022 Muhurtham Dates Tamil Calendar

Know the details about the Aani Masam 2022 Muhurtham Dates Tamil Calendar, Aani Masam Good Dates for Marriage, Best Muhurtham Dates

Aani Masam is the third month as per the Tamil Calendar. This month falls after the Tamil new year starts. The Aani Masam is a good month and is considered as good for the good functions and marriages. However, before considering and checking the muhurtham dates for the marriage, please check with an astrologer once. Because, generally as per the Tamil traditions, the marriage will be decided based on the astrology and birth charts.

When the match is decided, the birth charts of the bride and groom is taken to the astrologer. Based on the birth charts, the astrologer will be deciding the date for the marriage based on the good dates. But however, the below dates are compatible for the marriage in the aani Masam 2022

Aani Masam 2022 Muhurtham Dates Tamil Calendar

The best dates for the marriage and other good functions in the aani masam are as below. PLease note, note only marriage, these dates are good for nay good functions and any good thing in personal life and professional life

  • 17 June 2022 – Aani Masam Good Muhurtham
  • 23 June 2022- Aani Masam Good Muhurtham
  • 27 June 2022- Aani Masam Good Muhurtham

Even though the aani Masam is going through the July month 2022, there are no muhurtham dates in July 2022. This is the reason the marriages are comparatively less in the July month every year

  • The aani masam will not be seeing many traditional festivals also. The festivals will be very less in this month.
  • Apart from the marriage dates, which the astrologer chooses the marriages will not happen in the month of July. This is the reason most people skip the aani Masam for marriages.
  • The aani masam births will be more and it is a good sign. There is no dosha for the births which is happening in the aani masam

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