Chaturmasya Deeksha Procedure Fasting Food Restrictions

Know the details about the Chaturmasya Deeksha Procedure Fasting Food Restrictions, How to Observe and Follow the Chaturmasya Vratham.

Chaturmasya Deeksha is a four-month which is followed every year by the devotees of Lord Vishnu. This Deeksha is not only limited to Brahmins or else devotees of Vishnu. This Chaturmasya Deeksha can be followed by anyone. But whoever is following the Chaturmasya Deeksha has to make sure they follow the Deeksha properly with all the restrictions

Chaturmasya Deeksha is the toughest Deeksha as it is span around a span of four months. As the Deeksha will be done for four months this Deeksha is called as the Chaturmasya Deeksha. The Deeksha will be continuing for four months with all the restrictions and rules to be observed

Chaturmasya Deeksha Procedure Fasting Food Restrictions

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  • The Chaturmasya Deeksha will be spanning the months of Shravan, Bhadrapada, Ashwin, Karthik
  • The devotees can start the deeksha on the starting date and end the deeksha on the ending date. Once the deekha is started, there is no way of breaking the deeksha. The devotees have to rethink twice before starting the deeksha
  • Every day in the deeksha of four months will be the same and will be having the same procedure. So need to not worry as after some days following the deeksha it will become a habit of life
  • The devotees has to wake up in the morning and have to take a head bath which is followed by the pooja. There is no certain pooja procedure. But chanting the Vishnu Shasranama or listening to it will be good.
  • The deeksha is more about the food and living restrictions apart from the pooja
  • The devotees have to eat only vegetarian food and in that also, the devotees should not eat jaggery or oil, garlic, onion, green leafy vegetables, curd, milk spices, dry fruits, grams, lentils and seeds that break in two equal parts. There are also restrictions on fruits.
  • The devotees can also observe the fasting during the day and then eat in the evening.
  • The people who is observing the Deeksha should not sleep in bed and should sleep on the floor

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