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Senior Citizen and Physically Disabled Darshan in Tirumala

Senior Citizen and Physically Disabled Darshan in Tirumala

To facilitate senior citizens and physically disabled people to have Darshan peacefully and with more care Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has arranged special Darshan for people who fall under this category. People who fall under this category can avail this Darshan and can finish their Darshan in just 30 minutes.

Cost of senior citizen and Pysically Disabled Darshan in Tirumala

This Darshan is free of cost

Timings of Darshan

This special Darshan is allowed into different slots everyday at 10 a.m. And 3 p.m. But pilgrims who are participating in this Darshan has to report before 2 hours at the reporting point.

Procedure of Physically Disabled and Senior Citizen Darshan

  • Pilgrims who are above 65 years old are only allowed with spouse in this Darshan. Pilgrims participating in this Darshan has to carry their age proof or medical certificate.
  • Only privileged person is allowed into line. No friends or relatives are allowed along with the devotee.
  • Grand children below 12 years are allowed with grandparents with no extra ticket.
  • This person is limited per person. An individual can avail this Darshan only once for every 90 days.
  • On Friday, pilgrims are only allowed at 3 p.m. Ticket in this darshan is limited to only 700 people per slot.
  • TTD has made arrangements like seating arrangements and sambar and curd rice, hot milk is served free of cost to people who wait in the lines.
  • Electric buggies are available to drop pilgrims to the counter from the parking area as well as from the exit of the temple to get back.
  • During this Darshan all other lines are stopped, so that there will be no pressure of the crowd.

Reporting point of Darshan:

Pilgrims who wish to participate in this Darshan has to report to the entrance which is near Tirumala Nambi temple in the Dakshin Mada Street with their photo and ID proof.

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  1. Om namo venkatesaya
    My wife has undergone total hip replacement due to accident. Can I accompany her for privilege darshan. She is 45 yrs old and iam 5o yrs old.

  2. Hii my mother and father both have leg injuries and their ages are 50 and 57 can they avail darshan in physically challenged quota

  3. Hello
    Our darshan slot at 4pm on 1st aug, 2023.
    My mother in law aged 73yrs
    Where We can get wheel chair for her on that day


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