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Aippasi Masam 2023 Start End Dates Tamil Calendar Timings

Know the details about the Aippasi Masam 2023 Start End Dates Tamil Calendar Timings, Tamil Months 2023 Aippasi Masam Dates Schedule Complete

Tamil people will be following a different calendar which is prepared based on the Tamilnadu culture and also the Tamil traditions. The pilgrims will be following the Tamil calendar for the details about the functions and also about the good and bad dates in the year. The pilgrims can also get the Tamil calendar online and offline. Offline means there are Tamil calendars and books for the pilgrims which the pilgrims can refer to for the dates of the different month. The Tamil calendar also will have 12 months for the pilgrims. The months have different names for the pilgrims to recognize and also will be named based on Tamil traditions and culture.

Aippasi Masam 2023 Start End Dates Tamil Calendar Timings

The Start date of the Aippasi Masam 2023 is on 18 October 2023 and the month ends on 16 November 2023. The pilgrims can check the same in the Tamil calendar.

The pilgrims call the 9th month of the Tamil calendar as the Aippasi Masam. The Aippasi Masam is one of the important months for the pilgrims and also for the people who want to do spiritual journeys. There are a lot of festivals for the pilgrims in the Aippasi Masam and the pilgrims can celebrate the same. The dates of the 2023 Aippasi Masam are as below.

  • There will be no muhurtham dates in the Aippasi Masam. As there will be more festivals in the Aippasi Masam, the pilgrims will be very busy celebrating the Aippasi Masam festivals.
  • So the pilgrims cannot do any functions and also the marriages in the Aippasi Masam. The people of Tamilnadu will also not celebrate any good days and functions in the Aippasi Masam.

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