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Aippasi Month 2022 Muhurtham Dates Timings Tamil Calendar

Know the latest details about the Aippasi Month 2022 Muhurtham Dates Timings Tamil Calendar, Aippasi Month 2022 Functions Dates Marragige dates

The Tamil calendar will have 12 months like the English Calendar. The seventh month in the Tamil calendar is the Aippasi month which is also known as the Aippasi Masam. The Aippasi Masam is a very important month for the Tamil people. There are some people who will be doing the marriages in the Aippasi month. These marriage dates need the Murhurtham dates. Muhurtham means it is an auspicious time and date in Aippasi month to perform the marriages or any good functions.

Below are the best dates for the muhurthams in the Aippasi month as per the Tamil calendar.

Aippasi Month 2022 Muhurtham Dates Timings Tamil Calendar

24-Oct-2022, MondayAippasi 7, Thingal, Theipirai, ChaturdashiMuhurtham
28-Oct-2022, FridayAippasi 11, Velli, Valarpirai, ChathurthiSubha Muhurtham
30-Oct-2022, SundayAippasi 13, Nyaayiru, Valarpirai, ShashtiSubha Muhurtham
11-Nov-2022, FridayAippasi 25, Velli, Theipirai, TritiyaMuhurtham
14-Nov-2022, MondayAippasi 28, Thingal, Theipirai, ShashtiMuhurtham
  • Above are the 5 dates which are available for the Muhurtham dates in the Aippasi month. The Muhurthamd rates mean these dates are the good dates for the people to perform marriages or any good functions in the Aippasi months. The Aippasi is followed by other months as per the Tamil calendar.
  • The Aippasi month is very important for the muhurtham dates because the month before the Aippasi month is the purattasi month which will not have any muhurtham dates or good dates to do any good things.
  • This is the reason, the Aippasi month muhurtham dates have a lot of demand for the people to do the marriages and good functions.
  • However, in the case of marriages, it is highly suggested to contact an astrologer and then decide the date. Because the astrology and horoscope of the couples will decide the good dates for the marriages even if it is a good Muthusamy date in the Aippasi month

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