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Tirumala Tirupati Donor Accommodation Online Booking Donation Rooms

Know the latest details about the Tirumala Tirupati Donor Accommodation Online Booking Donation Rooms, Online Room Booking TTD Donors Scheme

Tirumala temple mostly runs through the donations received from the pilgrims in various forms. This donation provided to the Tirumala temple is known as the Donor scheme. TTD has introduced many donation schemes for the pilgrims to do donations for the Lord. The pilgrims can do the donations for various initiations by the TTD. These pilgrims who donate the amount to TTD are called Donors. In return, the TTD will be providing various benefits for the pilgrims under the Donor benefit scheme.

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Tirumala Tirupati Donor Accommodation Online Booking Donation Rooms

The benefits offered to the pilgrims for donating to the Tirumala temple will be providing darshan and also providing rooms. For different amounts donated to the temple, the pilgrims will be offered different types of benefits. The pilgrims who donate a certain amount to the Tirupati temple will get some benefits in the form of providing the accommodation

  • If the pilgrims donate a certain amount for the temple, along with the Darshan the pilgrims will be provided with 1-day accommodation in Tirumala
  • The accommodation quota for these pilgrims will be released separately. This accommodation quota is completely different from the normal pilgrims and will be applicable only to the donor
  • The pilgrims who have donated the amount which is eligible for the one-day accommodation in Tirumala can book the rooms when this quota is released.
  • This quota will be released for 3 months once on the TTD website. The donors who have provided donations can log in to TTD online website and can book the rooms allotted to them
  • Please note, that the pilgrims will be able to book the rooms for dates which they have booked for the Darshan. If the Darshan tickets is not available then the pilgrims will not be able to book the rooms

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