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Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple Abhishekam Timings Booking

Know the details about the Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple Abhishekam Timings Booking, Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple Abhishekam Booking Process

A Complete Guide to Abhishekam at Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple

Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple, also known as Kumbashi Ganapathi Temple, is a revered pilgrimage site in Udupi district of Karnataka. Devotees flock to this temple to seek blessings from Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. One of the significant rituals performed here is the Abhishekam. This article provides detailed information about the Abhishekam timings, pooja process, ticket costs, booking procedures, and prasadam.

Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple Abhishekam Timings Booking

About Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple

Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple is deeply rooted in history and spirituality. The temple’s tranquil surroundings and the powerful deity draw numerous devotees every day. Lord Ganesha, worshipped here, is believed to fulfill the wishes of those who pray with sincere devotion.

Abhishekam Timings

The Abhishekam is an elaborate ritual that is performed multiple times a day. Here are the specific timings:

  • Morning Abhishekam: 5:30 AM
  • Midday Abhishekam: 12:00 PM
  • Evening Abhishekam: 7:00 PM

These timings ensure that devotees can participate in or witness the ritual at convenient times throughout the day.

Abhishekam Pooja Process

The Abhishekam ritual involves bathing the idol of Lord Ganesha with various sacred substances. The process includes:

  1. Preparation: The process starts with the gathering of items such as milk, curd, honey, ghee, sugar, turmeric, sandalwood paste, and holy water.
  2. Invocation: The priest chants mantras invoking the blessings of Lord Ganesha.
  3. Bathing the Deity: The idol is bathed with the sacred substances in a specific order—milk, curd, honey, ghee, and sugar, followed by turmeric and sandalwood paste.
  4. Decorating the Deity: After the bath, the idol is adorned with fresh flowers, garlands, and a silk cloth.
  5. Offering Naivedya: Food offerings, including fruits and sweets, are placed before the deity.
  6. Aarti: The ritual concludes with the waving of lamps (aarti) in front of the deity.

Tickets Cost and Booking Procedure

Ticket Costs

  • Morning Abhishekam: ₹200
  • Midday Abhishekam: ₹250
  • Evening Abhishekam: ₹300

Booking Procedure

Online Booking

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the temple’s official website.
  2. Select Abhishekam: Choose the preferred time slot for the Abhishekam.
  3. Enter Details: Fill in your personal details and the number of participants.
  4. Make Payment: Complete the payment online using debit/credit card or net banking.
  5. Confirmation: Receive a confirmation email with the booking details.

On-Site Booking

  1. Visit the Ticket Counter: Located near the temple entrance.
  2. Choose Time Slot: Inform the staff about your preferred Abhishekam time.
  3. Make Payment: Pay in cash or card at the counter.
  4. Collect Ticket: Receive your Abhishekam ticket and proceed to the designated area.


After the Abhishekam, devotees receive prasadam as a divine blessing. The prasadam typically includes:

  1. Laddu: A sweet made from gram flour, sugar, and ghee.
  2. Coconut: Fresh coconut given as prasadam.
  3. Puliyodarai (Tamarind Rice): A tangy rice dish offered to devotees.

Prasadam counters are located just outside the sanctum sanctorum. Devotees should collect their prasadam after the Abhishekam.

Things to Know Before Visiting

  1. Timings: The temple opens at 5:30 AM and closes at 9:00 PM.
  2. Dress Code: Devotees are expected to wear traditional attire. Men should wear dhotis, and women should wear sarees or salwar kameez.
  3. Photography: Photography inside the temple premises is restricted. Seek permission from temple authorities.
  4. Accessibility: The temple is easily accessible by road and well-connected to nearby cities like Mangalore.


What are the timings for Abhishekam at Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple?

Abhishekam is performed at 5:30 AM, 12:00 PM, and 7:00 PM.

How much does it cost to book an Abhishekam?

The cost varies: Morning Abhishekam ₹200, Midday Abhishekam ₹250, and Evening Abhishekam ₹300.

Can I book Abhishekam online?

Yes, you can book Abhishekam online through the temple’s official website.

Is there any dress code for participating in the Abhishekam?

Yes, traditional attire is required. Men should wear dhotis, and women should wear sarees or salwar kameez.

What kind of prasadam is offered after the Abhishekam?

Prasadam typically includes laddu, coconut, and tamarind rice.

Where do I report for the Abhishekam?

Report to the designated area specified on your ticket.

Participating in the Abhishekam at Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple offers a spiritually enriching experience. By understanding the timings, costs, and booking procedures, devotees can ensure a smooth and fulfilling visit.

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