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Annavaram Devasthanam Temple Open Close Darshan Timings

Know the latest details about the Annavaram Devasthanam Temple Open Close Darshan Timings, Annavaram temple opening timings, Closing Timings

Annavaram Temple is the famous temple for the Lord Sathya Narayana Swamy. The temple is visited by lakhs of pilgrims every day. The Lord Sathya Narayana Swamy is an ancient god and has amazing power. For many devotees, the Annavaram lord is the family god. This is the reason that even if there are small things happening in the homes or lives of the devotees, they will be coming to the Darshan of the Lord and will be taking the blessing. The devotees will come to the Darshan even if something bad is happening in their lives and they will believe the issues will be sorted out.

There are lakhs of pilgrims visiting the Annavaram temple daily but most of them will be visiting at the weekends. The timings of the Annavaram temple daily is as below

Annavaram Devasthanam Temple Open Close Darshan Timings

The opening timings and also the closing timings of the Annavaram temple are as below. The timings will not be changing and is standard. The timings and the Darshan might change if there are any special occasions or else if there are any festivals. The change in the timings of the Annavaram temple is completely the decision of the temple authorities and can change without any prior notice.

The Annavaram temple opening timing and the Darshan starting time is at Morning 6 AM. The temple will be closed for the devotees for the Darshan at 9 PM.

  • There will be breaks in between which is very small. But the pilgrims will be allowed to be in the ques when the break is happening
  • Also, the vratham and also other seva for the pilgrims will be ongoing without any interruption. The Seva and pooja is completely independent of the Darshan timings.

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