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Bhadrapada Masam 2022 Start End Dates Telugu Calendar

Know the latest details about the Bhadrapada Masam 2022 Start End Dates Telugu Calendar, Bhadrapada Masam 2002 Start Date, End Date

The Bhadrapada Masam is the sixth month in the Telugu calendar. Like the English calendar which is also called the Gregorian calendar, the Telugu people across the world will be following another calender. This is called the Telugu calender or the Telugu panchangam. The Telugu calendar will also have 12 months which are named as per the Telugu traditions. People who follow the Telugu traditions and also people who speak the Telugu language will be following the Telugu calendar.

As per the Telugu calendar, the Bhadrapada Masam is the sixth month in the year. The year of the Telugu people starts from the Ugadi of every year. The year ends with the Ugadi date. The Ugadi date is not a fixed date and keeps changing as per the tithi of the calenders.

Bhadrapada Masam 2022 Start End Dates Telugu Calendar

For the year 2022, the Bhadrapada Masam will be coming on the below dates.

  • The Bhadrapada Masam start date is on Sunday, 28 August 2022
  • The Bhadrapada Masam ends date is on Sunday, 25 September

The Bhadrapada Masam is the month where the year breaks in half and this month is considered as good for agriculture. Also generally, this month is characterised by heavy rains.

  • The Bhadrapada Masam is also called as the Shoonya Masam. Meaning it is an empty month. Good functions and also marriages will not be mostly held this month
  • Traditionally, this month is considered the Shoonya Masam because the agricultural crops either become ripe before this month or after this month. No transactions happen this month. As the Telugu states are mostly agrarian states, agriculture is the main source of income for many people.
  • So if there is no crop ripening this month then there will be no income as well which will be tough for the family to do the marriage. So this month is the shoonya month

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