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Tiruvannamalai 8 Lingam Ashtalingam Girivalam Route Map

Know the latest details about the Tiruvannamalai 8 Lingam Ashtalingam Girivalam Route Map, Arunachalam Asta Lingam Temple Location Map.

Tiruvannamalai which is known as the Arunachalam by many is one of the most powerful destinations in India. Every year, lakhs of pilgrims from the country and also other countries will be visiting the Tiruvannamalai in the search of themselves. The temple town is not only a destination for the devotional pilgrims but also for the pilgrims who come in search of Spirituality. The temple town of the Tiruvannamalai is also called as Arunachalam by many pilgrims

Each inch in Tiruvannamalai has a powerful history and a devotional meaning. The Tiruvannamalai has 8 lingams which is available in the Girivalam route.

Tiruvannamalai 8 Lingam Ashtalingam Girivalam Route Map

The Girivalam route is the route around the mountain of the Arunachalam. The pilgrims will be taking walk on the Girivalam route which is called hence. The route has many temples which the pilgrims can visit. Apart from the temples, the route has 8 lingams which are situated around the mountain in a circular format. The pilgrims can go the Girivalam route and can visit all the lingam during this Tiruvannamalai Girivalam

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  • The pilgrims can start anywhere for the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam. But as they will end the Girivalam at the point where they have started the walking, the pilgrims can easily locate the ashta lingam and can have the Darshan of the Siva
  • The 8 lingam is located at different points in the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam route and can easily be located by the above map
  • Most of the lingam temples are open 24 hours for the benefit of the pilgrims. Each lingam can be defined by one element in the universe and hence the name of the each lingam
  • The temple of the Tiruvannamalai locate in the middle of all these lingams which are surrounding the temple

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