APNRT Tirumala Darshan Procedure Online Booking Tickets TTD

Know the details about the APNRT Tirumala Darshan Procedure Online Booking Tickets TTD, Tirumala APNRT Booking Details Darshan Seva Pooja VIP

Tirumala temple is visited by many pilgrims per day. Some pilgrims will be in a hurry to get the Darshan who come from other countries. The pilgrims who are from other countries can take the Darshan in Tirumala very easily. The pilgrims who are from the Telugu states and are APNRT can get the Tirumala Darshan easily in Tirumala. APNRT Means the people who are from the Telugu states background and fall into the Non-Resident Category. The TTD has the Special Darshan for these pilgrims and they can avail the Darshan after coming to the Tirumala temple. The rules for the APNRT and the process to get the Darshan is as below.

Please note, to avail of the Tirumala Darshan under the APNRT category, the pilgrims have to fall in the category and should make sure they carry all the necessary documents to get the Tirumala Darshan.

APNRT Tirumala Darshan Procedure Online Booking Tickets TTD

  • First, the pilgrims who want to avail of the APNRT Darshan have to avail of the Darshan 30 days after coming into the country. The pilgrims cannot avail of this Darshan if they come to Darshan before 30 days.
  • Then the pilgrims need to carry the Original passport, a Xerox copy of the Passport and also the Visa details while coming to the temple. The ticket cost for the APNRT Darshan is Rs 300
  • The Pilgrims can avail of this Darshan from 12.00 PM – 07.00 PM every day. Sometimes, during any festival, this Darshan will be cancelled.
  • The pilgrims should report to the Special Darshan Entry Point and report to the queue line. The pilgrims will be provided with a form to fill out and have to submit the documents. After verifying the document the pilgrims will be sent to Darshan through the Rs 300 queue
  • Only the pilgrims who are in this category will be allowed. Children below 12 year of age will be allowed for Free. No other person will be allowed along with the pilgrims.

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