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Tirumala TTD Bamboo Bottles Purchase Online Price Home Deliver

Know the details about the Tirumala TTD Bamboo Bottles Purchase Online Price Home Deliver, TTD Bamboo Water Bottles Purchase Procedure Buy Online

In the process of the continuous improvements of the facilities to the pilgrims, the TTD initiated selling water bottles on the Tirumala hills. First, to protect the environment, the TTD has completely banned plastic bottles and also plastic items from the Tirumala temple. Then the pilgrims were provided Glass made water bottles to the pilgrims in the process of the Caution deposit. The TTD and also all other private parties in Tirumala follow the glass bottles for the pilgrims in Tirumala. The cost of the Glass bottle in Tirumala is Rs 50 and Rs 30 is returned to the pilgrims if they return the glass bottle.

The pilgrims can use water bottles to fill the water from many RO plants in Tirumala. The RO plants distribute the Jala Prasadam to the pilgrims for Free. The pilgrims can return the glass bottles to the vendors and the bottles are cleaned and then refilled.

Tirumala TTD Bamboo Bottles Purchase Online Price Home Deliver

  • Now, the TTD has introduced Bamboo water bottles for pilgrims for the purpose of health and also for environmental issues.
  • These Bamboo bottles from the TTD are sourced from home-based entrepreneurs and also tribal productions. The pilgrims can for now purchase this bamboo bottle at the counter in Tirumala.
  • Most of the TTD products selling counters are selling these bamboo bottles for the cost of Rs 30. The pilgrims can also reuse these bamboo bottles for further usage and can carry water normally.
  • These bamboo bottles also enhance the pilgrims to drink water in a healthy way. The pilgrims can also purchase these Bamboo water bottles Online when the TTD makes the bottles available online for Home delivery.

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