APSEB Guest House Tirumala Rooms Online Booking Rent Facility

Know the details about the APSEB Guest House Tirumala Rooms Online Booking Rent Facility, Tirumala APSEB Rest House Rooms Booking Process

Tirumala temple has many rest houses which are maintained by the TTD. Apart from the rest houses which are from the devasthanam there are many other rest houses in Tirumala. For each department from the Government, there are guest houses in Tirumala. Most of them are maintained by the staff of that particular department or else by the TTD itself. The APSEB Guest House in Tirumala is also one of such rest houses. The pilgrims who are from that particular department will be able to stay in the rest house of that department.

The APSEB Guest House is from the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Board Department. So the employees and also the top officials from the ELectricity board from the state of Andhra Pradesh can stay in the APSEB Guest House. The pilgrims can book the APSEB Guest House from the department side easily

APSEB Guest House Tirumala Rooms Online Booking Rent Facility

  • To Book the APSEB Guest House in Tirumala, the pilgrims must be the stipulated employees from the electricity board. There are many rooms in the APSEB Guest House
  • The pilgrims will be assigned the rooms based on their official position. However, the rooms are always reserved for the top officials in the department.
  • The pilgrims who wanted to stay in the APSEB Guest House have to report to the concerned authorities with the details at least before 1 month. After the approval of the rooms from the authorities, the rooms will be allotted for the pilgrims.
  • The pilgrims can come to the Tirumala temple APSEB Guest House with the necessary documents and can avail of the rooms. The rooms will be having good facilities for the pilgrims included with washrooms. The APSEB Guest House is also located near the prime point in Tirumala which is very easy for Darshan access.

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