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Draksharamam Kumkumarchana Timings Online Booking Price

Know the details about the Draksharamam Kumkumarchana Timings Online Booking Price, Draksharamam Kumkum Archana Pooja Ticket Price Booking

Draksharamam Temple is the abode of the Bhimeshwara Swamy. The Temple Lord here is the form of the Lord Shiva. Many pilgrims will be coming to the Draksharamam temple for the Darshan of the Lord. The temple also performs many types of pooja in which the pilgrims can participate. The temple will be doing Daily pooja, Annual pooja and also weekly pooja for the pilgrims. The Draksharamam temple also performs the paroksha pooja. This means the pilgrims can pay for the pooja for any particular date and then the pooja will be performed in the temple on that day. The pilgrims need not be present in the Paroksha Pooja.

The Draksharamam temple’s most powerful pooja is the Kumkumarchana pooja. The Draksharamam Kumkumarchana Pooja is performed daily in the temple. The pilgrims can come to the temple and take part in the Draksharamam Kumkumarchana Pooja. The tickets can be purchased in the temple counter.

Draksharamam Kumkumarchana Timings Online Booking Price

  • The timings of the Draksharamam Kumkumarchana is from 6:00 am – 10:00 am and 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm daily.
  • The Draksharamam Kumkumarchana is performed daily two times in the temple. First, the Draksharamam Kumkumarchana pooja is performed in the morning and then one more time in the evening
  • The Tickets cost for the Draksharamam Kumkumarchana are Rs 30 and Rs 60. The pilgrims who buy the Rs 60 will be made to sit in the inner place of the temple for better visibility
  • The Draksharamam Kumkumarchana Pooja takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. The Kumkum will be dropped on the main idol and the mantra will be chanted in the temple. The Archana will be performed in the temple in the name of the pilgrims and the Gothra.
  • The pilgrims can purchase the tickets for the Draksharamam Kumkumarchana Pooja at the temple counter. There is no online for the pilgrims to book for this seva.

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