Draksharamam Temple Darshan Seva Online Booking Ticket Prices

Know the detail about the Draksharamam Temple Darshan Seva Online Booking Ticket Prices, Draksharamam Temple Pooja Online Booking Cost

Draksharamam Temple will be conducting a lot of pooja and seva for the Lord here daily. The pilgrims who come to the temple can participate in the seva in two ways. The pilgrims can take the normal darshan and can watch the Lord. When the pilgrim’s book for the Darshan, they can see the Lord and then leave. The pilgrims cannot take part in any pooja which is conducted in the temple. If the pilgrims wanted to take part in the pooja or the seva in the Draksharamam Temple the pilgrims have to book for the seva.

There are many seva and pooja which is conducted to the Lord daily at the Draksharamam Temple. The pilgrims can check the temple information as below to book for the seva or the pooja in the temple. The pilgrims can book the seva Online or offline. For online booking, the pilgrims can book on the Draksharamam Temple Online website.

Draksharamam Temple Darshan Seva Online Booking Ticket Prices

  • The Draksharamam Temple will be conducting the Abhishekam, Archana, Harathi, Naivedyam, Kalyanam, Ekanta Seva and many more seva for the Lord here.
  • The pilgrims can book for the Seva Online. Click Here to Book the Draksharamam Temple Darshan Seva Online Now
  • The pilgrims have to log in to the temple website first. The pilgrims need to enter their Mobile numbers in the provided field. The pilgrims will be receiving an OTP on their mobile, which confirms the account registration.
  • Then the pilgrims can book the many types of Darshan and seva in the Draksharamam Temple. Once the booking is completed the pilgrims have to pay the amount online. After the confirmation of the Payment, the pilgrims will receive a Darshan or the seva confirmation
  • To book for the Offline Booking of Darshan the pilgrims can directly reach the temple counter and then book for the seva which is available

Click Here for the details about the Draksharamam Temple Accommodation Online Booking

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