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APSRTC Tirumala Rs 300 Darshan Tickets Booking TTD Online

Know the latest details about APSRTC Tirumala Rs 300 Darshan Tickets Booking TTD Online, APSRTC Special Darshan tickets Online Booking TTD

Lakhs of pilgrims will be visiting the Tirumala temple every day. Most of them will be going to the Free Darshan. If the pilgrims want to have fast Darshan then the pilgrims have to either book for the Seva or else they have to book for the Rs. 300 Darshan. The pilgrims can book for Rs. 300 Darshan which is also known as the Special Darshan online. The Special Darshan tickets will have less waiting time compared to all the remaining other Darshan types.

But the quota for the Special Darshan tickets is limited per day. And also, the pilgrims have to book for Rs. 300 tickets online before 3 months itself. Most of the quota for the Special Darshan tickets will be completed within hours after release. This is the reason the Darshan will be unavailable for the pilgrims who want to have the Darshan at the last minute

APSRTC Tirumala Rs 300 Darshan Tickets Booking TTD Online

The TTD will be releasing the tickets for the pilgrims from various states through the tourism quota. Under this tourism quota, the TTD will be releasing some tickets for the pilgrims who travel by the APSRTC bus to Tirumala. The tickets will be Rs. 300 Special Darshan tickets. These tickets quota will be completely different from the quota which is released by TTD.

Even after the Special Darshan tickets for the TTD official quota are completed, the Rs. 300 tickets in the APSRTC will be available.

Click Here to Book for the APSRTC Rs. 300 Tickets Online

  • The pilgrims have to first log in to the APSRTC website to book the tickets
  • Then the pilgrims have to select the Tirumala or Tirupati as the Destination for the travel. Once the pilgrims select the Seats, then the Special Darshan ticket availability for that particular day will be shown
  • The pilgrims can include Rs. 300 tickets for that particular day and can finish the payment. Once the payment is finished the pilgrims will be getting the tickets for both travel to Tirumala and also Rs. 300 Darshan tickets.


  1. Hello Sir,

    I have booked TTD tickets through APSRTC, but I have travelled to Tirupathi by car and not bus.

    Is Darshan still allowed ?

  2. When will September 30th open for reservation aswell as seegra darshan. ?
    If I book the bus ticket with Seegra darshan, is it mandayory to travel APSRTC BUS. ? Please answer..


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