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Ashada Masam Rituals For Newly Married Couple

Know the latest details about the Ashada Masam Rituals For Newly Married Couple, Ashada Month Rituals, Husband and Wife Separation Issue

Ashada Masam is the fourth month which comes in a Telugu year. Ashada Masam can be followed by the people who are following the Telugu culture and the Telugu calender. This is the reason, the rituals of the Ashada Masam is also followed by the Telugu people and most people who live in the Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The Ashada Masam is considered the inauspicious month for good deeds. This means the below works will not be done in the Ashada Masam and also new initiations will not be done

  • Marriages, Engagements, Good functions
  • Naming ceremony
  • New offices opening, New House Warming
  • Anything related to the good deeds is not allowed during the Ashada Masam.

Ashada Masam Rituals For Newly Married Couple

  • During the Ashada Masam, there are many rituals which are followed strictly in the Telugu states.
  • The main rituals during the Ashada Masam are regarding the Newly married couples. The newly married couple will be completely separated during the Ashada Masam. The couple will not be ven allowed to see each other.
  • The reason behind this is very simple even though there are many false things in circulation. The reason why the Newly married couples are separated during the Ashada Masam is that if the couples are together in this month, then they might deliver a baby in the month of Chaithra
  • The Chaithra month usually falls in the middle of summer which is the peak summer season. The baby and the mother might have issues during the summer delivery. This will cause issues again.
  • Also, the mother in law and daughter in law is also not allowed to be together, so that both of them can reconcile their relationship

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