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Avani Masam 2022 Start and End Date Tamil Calendar

Know the latest details about the Avani Masam 2022 Start and End Date Tamil Calendar, Avani Month Tamil Dates, Festival Dates, Start Dates

Like the English, the Calendar has 12 months the Tamil culture also follows a different calendar. This Tamil calendar has also 12 months. Each and every month is named differently in the Tamil Calendar. Also, the Tamil Calendar starts on the Tamil New year day every year which is on 14 April of every year. This day traditionally is called as the Tamil Varsha Porappu which means the north of the Tamil New year. Each year in Tamil culture is valid from 14 April to the next year 14 April.

Like the normal calendar, the Tamil calendar also have 12 months. The Avani Masam is the first month in the Tamil calendar. This month generally falls in the month of August.

Avani Masam 2022 Start and End Date Tamil Calendar

  • The start date of the Avani Masam 2022 is on 23 July 2022, Saturday
  • The End date of the Avani Masam 2022 is on 22 August, Monday

17-Aug-2022, Theipirai Shashti
18-Aug-2022, Theipirai Saptami
19-Aug-2022, Theipirai Ashtami
20-Aug-2022, Theipirai Navami
21-Aug-2022, Theipirai Dasami
22-Aug-2022, Theipirai Ekadasi
23-Aug-2022 Theipirai Dwadashi
24-Aug-2022 Theipirai Trayodasi
25-Aug-2022 Theipirai Chaturdashi
26-Aug-2022 Theipirai Amavasai
27-Aug-2022 Valarpirai Atithi
28-Aug-2022 Valarpirai Prathamai
29-Aug-2022 Valarpirai Dwitiya
30-Aug-2022 Valarpirai Tritiya
31-Aug-2022 Valarpirai Titittuvam
01-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Shashti
02-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Saptami
03-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Ashtami
04-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Navami
05-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Dasami
06-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Ekadasi
07-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Dwadashi
08-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Trayodasi
09-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Chaturdashi
10-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Pournami
11-Sep-2022 Theipirai Prathamai
12-Sep-2022 Theipirai Titittuvam
13-Sep-2022 Theipirai Chathurthi
14-Sep-2022 Theipirai Panchami
15-Sep-2022 Theipirai Shashti
16-Sep-2022 Theipirai Atithi
17-Sep-2022 Theipirai Saptami

  • There are not many festivals and also muhurtham dates in the Avani month for the year 2022
  • For the muhurtham dates in this month, it is highly suggested contact and astrologer find the dates as per the bride and groom birth chart

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