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Ayyappa Irumudi Kattu Items List Telugu Procedure Sabarimala

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Devotees of Ayyappa who go to the Mandala Puja begin their initiation in Kartikam, whereas those who go to the Makara Vilakku begin their initiation in Margashiram. Deeksha is performed in accordance with very specific guidelines for a period of 41 days. They begin praying to the Lord on the day of the initiation and continue until they have finished all of the Niyama Nishthas and have arrived to Sabarimala wearing the Irumudi.

After the day of initiation, some swamis go on padayatra for 41 days and have darshan with other swamis along the way. There is a strong conviction that individuals who undergo the initiation of Ayyappa would have all of their wants and desires granted to them. On the other hand, you should abstain from alcohol and meat for the entire week leading up to the initiation.

Ayyappa Irumudi Kattu Items List Telugu Procedure Sabarimala

  • One must take a bath in the morning on the day of the initiation, perform the Nitya Pooja at home, and pay respect to their parents. Those who are married most recently are the ones who are required to undergo initiation after receiving permission from Dharmapatna. Swami Deeksha can be received at any temple that you visit.
  • After the completion of the initiation process, which lasts for 41 days, they put on the Irumudi and travel to Sabarimala. Irumudi is what the worshipers bring to present as an offering to the Lord.
  • Irumudi literally translates to “having two thorns.” Bhakti and Shraddha are their two constituent parts respectively. In the front knot of the new fabric is placed the paraphernalia that is associated with the god, and in the back knot is placed the paraphernalia that is required in the middle of the road, as well as the jacket for Malikapuratamma, turmeric, and saffron.
  • The new cloth is then sewn into two pieces. The water is extracted from a coconut before being replaced with ghee. It involves uniting the soul of the living being with the soul of the Supreme Being. This coconut should be positioned in the Bhakti, which is the front knot. The remaining pooja materials are arranged in the back and secured in place with Omkaramane rope.
  • This demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that humility may be found wherever there is devotion and caring. Only the ghee that has been stored in the coconut can be used to perform the Abhishekam ritual on the deity. They ride a chariot that is pulled by two horses up to Ayyappaswamy’s temple.

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