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Sabarimala Irumudi Kattu Procedure Ayyppa Mala Mandala Pooja

Know the latest details about the Sabarimala Irumudi Kattu Procedure Ayyppa Mala Mandala Pooja, Procedure for Irumudi Kattu, Palli Kattu, Kattu Nirai

Karthika Month will soon make his debut in our world. At this point, you should be able to hear the chanting of the pilgrims. Starting tomorrow, devotees will begin making their way to Ayyappan’s temple to receive their darshan. The Sabarimala Sannithanam walk will officially open to the public. Those who participate in the pilgrimage to Sabarimala are required to bring Irumudi. They do not carry ghee or coconut in their Irumudi bag in a separate compartment.

Sabarimala Irumudi Kattu Procedure Ayyppa Mala Mandala Pooja

The pilgrims who are doing the Sabarimala Irumudi Kattu has to follow the below procedure in the view of Guru swamy. The Irumudi Kattu procedure is easy with all the available items in home. Please note, the Irumudi Kattu has to be done by the Guru Swamy who is doing the Mandala Pooja for the Ayyappa Mala.

  • Pilgrims use a stone and thorn as a mattress for their feet, chant the Saranakosha, and then visit the Sabarimala Shasta. They begin by pouring ghee inside a coconut and then tying the coconut between two hairs.
  • Sabarimala Ayyappan Vishnu can also be shown as Shiva. Cow ghee, which represents Vishnu, is poured into a coconut, which represents Shiva with three eyes, and then the ghee is removed.
  • This is done in such a way that everyone present can sense what is happening. According to the urban legend, Ayyappan was the first person to wear Irumudi atop his head. Let’s investigate the reason behind Ayyappan, a devotee of ghee, carrying ghee beside coconut.
  • Ayyappa worshippers observe a fast and wear garlands in preparation for the beginning of the month of Karthikai. They fast for anything from one week to one month before embarking on the journey to Sabarimala, which is considered a holy site. The pilgrimage to Sabarimala is incomplete without a visit to Irumudi.
  • Our soul is ghee. They then remove the ghee-filled coconut, take it with them, and anoint it with oil in front of the Lord. This ghee is given to the devotees as prasad. The anointing of the Lord with ghee causes the splendour of Ayyappa to increase on a daily basis.
  • Ayyappan at Sabarimala Ghee is historically used to bless visitors to the Ayyappan Temple. Ghee and coconut are not the only offerings that worshippers of Ayyappa make. After the ghee has been added, the coconut itself is used as an offering for the abhishek ritual.

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