TTD 2023 Tirumala 300 Rs Darshan Current Booking Availability

Know the latest details about the TTD 2023 Tirumala 300 Rs Darshan Current Booking Availability, Tirumala 2023 Availability Chart Special Darshan

The best Darshan option for the pilgrims who come to Tirumala is the 300 Rs Darshan. This Rs 300 Darshan is also known as the Seegra Darshan or the Special Darshan. This Darshan in Tirumala will be having only Darshan and not included any seva. The pilgrims who book for the Special Darshan will be going to the Darshan only and will be receiving the standard prasadam. The pilgrims can book the 300 rs Darshan either online or offline.

The pilgrims can check the availability of the Special Darshan tickets online on the TTD official website. The tickets for the 300 Rs Darshan will be released every 3 months. This means the Darshan tickets will be released for any month before 3 months. So every month the Darshan tickets will be released for the pilgrims for the month after 3 months.

TTD 2023 Tirumala 300 Rs Darshan Current Booking Availability

TTD Rs 300 Darshan Quota Release Date 2023: Last Week of every month
Tirumala Special Darshan Ticket Price: Rs. 300
Special Darshan ticket Booking Mode: Online
Time is taken for the Special Darshan: 3-6 hours
Special Darshan Reporting Point: ATC Counter, Tirumala
Special Darshan Dress Code: Indian traditional wear only
Rs 300 Special Darshan Prasadam: 1 Laddu
  • The pilgrims who want to book the 300 Rs Special Darshan have to login to the TTD Offical website using their Mobile Number and OTP
  • Once the pilgrims log in to the website on the date of the 300 Rs tickets release, then they can check the availability chart
  • If the tickets are available for the dates of the booking that the pilgrims require. Then the pilgrims can proceed with the booking of the Special Darshan tickets
  • The pilgrims have to book the Darshan tickets using a Valid ID card. Please note, the same ID Card has to be produced at the time of reporting to the Darshan to Tirumala
  • Then the pilgrims have to finish the book for the Rs 300 special Darshan. Once the payment is completed, the pilgrims will get the receipt with all the details of the Darshan

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