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Balipadyami Deepavali 2022 Karnataka Dates Timings Holiday

Know the details about the Balipadyami Deepavali 2022 Karnataka Dates Timings Holiday, Balipadyami 2022 Date Pooja Story Timings Details

In the Hindu festival of Diwali, the month of Kartika is known as Padya, which means “Sacrifice.” On this day, Lord Vishnu demonstrated his willingness to give up all and become a servant by taking the shape of Vamana and incarnating himself on earth. When all is said and done, Bali is a member of the Asura family. But as soon as he turned his will over to the Lord with a willing spirit and offered everything he had, the Lord provided him with appropriate direction, provided him with a new form of life, and saved him.

In his kingdom, he got rid of the luxurious beliefs that were complementary to the Asuri vocation. He also established a sense of sacrifice in that location, bestowed divine favours upon the people, and ensured that they would live a life filled with happiness and prosperity.

Balipadyami Deepavali 2022 Karnataka Dates Timings Holiday

Balipadyami Deepavali 2022 Date is on 26 October 2022, Wednesday.

The Timings starts from Morning 6 AM

  • On this Balipadyami Deepavali day, it is appropriate to remember Bali, who acquired divinity by performing his duties as a deity for the benefit of the people. During the day of the sacrifice, the Baliya Puja is carried out. Despite the fact that Bali was born into a demon clan, as a result of his good deeds, the favour of the Lord incarnated in the shape of Vaman was bestowed to him.
  • He was a nobleman who tended toward sattvic qualities. Because of the inherent stupidity of man at birth, he is the root cause of all negative actions. However, this illustration demonstrates that with knowledge and the mercy of God, it is possible to achieve divinity. If he is brave in the doing of good deeds in this manner, he will not be afraid of death. Yama becomes not only his kinsman but also his friend.
  • In accordance with the Balindra Puja methodology, the festival of Diwali is celebrated over the course of three days. The seven-round fort of Balichakravarti is constructed close to Gomaya, close to Tulsikatte, on the third day of Diwali, and Ganapati is stationed there to protect the fort. To ward off evil spirits and prevent their entrance, little dolls crafted from dung are often placed at the front door. Every member of the household pays their respects to Balindra in the evening, at Godhuli Lagna.

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