Bhogi Pallu Function Procedure Pooja Items Decoration Ideas

Know the details about Bhogi Pallu Function Procedure Pooja Items Decoration Ideas , Step by Step Procedure on Bhogi day festival Sankranti

Bhogi Pallu Function Procedure as below details the importance of the Bhogi pallu function decorations and how to celebrate the Bhogi pallu function in house. The Bhogi festival is one of the important festivals for south Indians. The people in the Telugu states will be celebrating the Bhogi Pallu functions for the children. This function is conducted for children below 5 years of age. This function is done so that the evil or negative things for the children which are also called dishti will be going away. Many households in the Telugu states will be celebrating the Bhogi pallu function for their children on the Bhogi day

Why Bhogi Pallu Function is Done?

People believe that teething a baby has many benefits which are described below.

  • Children get rid of nervousness and depression.
  • There is a brahmarandhra on the top of the head. By pouring Bhogi fruits and stimulating it, children will gain wisdom.
  • It is believed that pouring Regi fruits on the child’s head will get the divine blessings of Srimannarayan and remove the evil eye on children.
  • These bhogi pallu are poured as an indication that the blessings of the Sun Lord will be given to the child.

Bhogi Pallu Function Procedure Pooja Items Decoration Ideas

  • This function will be celebrated in the house which has children below 5 years of age both boy and girl. If there are both boy and girl also the function can be celebrated for both of them. Please note, the function can be done for the children from 1st year onwards to 5th year age.
  • For the function to conduct the house can be decorated with flowers and balloons and as per the wishes of the parents. There is no specific function decoration idea.
  • The Bhogi pallu function is conducted in the evening before the sunset. Before the sunset, the items such as the Indian berries which is also locally called Regi pallu has to be collected. The Small regi pallu has to mix with sugar cane, chocolates, flowers and small coins.
  • In the evening before sunset, make the child ready and make them sit on the chair facing east. The lamp can be lit before god in the home before starting the function. Generally, people will be inviting neighbours for this function. So when all the comes, first the mother has to take a handful of the Bhogi pallu to rotate around the head of the child both clockwise and anticlockwise for three-time. Then it has to be dropped slowly on the head of the child. Then the elders in the family can do the same thing followed by the neighbours who have come to the function.
  • At last Mangala harathi can be done for the child. After the bhogi pallu has to be collected and then the coins has to be carefully removed and fed to the cows and animals. This is about the Bhogi Pallu Function Procedure Pooja Items Decoration Ideas
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