Chaitra Navratri 2023 Ashtami Date Durga Devi Pooja Timings

Know the latest details about the Chaitra Navratri 2023 Ashtami Date Durga Devi Pooja Timings, Chaitra Navratri Ashtami Pooja Dates Timings

Chaitra Navratri is the Navratri festival which occurs during the month of Chaitra. Some devotees will be celebrating the Chaitra Navratri with the same devotion and preparation as the Navratri festival. The Chaitra Navratri is also very important for the Durga Pooja. Like the Normal Navratri festival, the Chaitra Navratri is also celebrated for 9 days. Out of the 9 days festival, the Chaitra Navratri festival will also have the Ashtami pooja. The Ashtami in these 9 days is celebrated as the Durga Ashtami. The date of the Chaitra Navratri Ashtami 2023 and also the timings of the pooja are as below

Chaitra Navratri 2023 Ashtami Date Durga Devi Pooja Timings

Chaitra Navratri Ashtami Date for the year 2023 is 29th March 2023, Wednesday. The Day will the 8th day of the whole Navratri festival. On this day the pilgrims will be either doing the Durga Pooja or the Maha Gauri Pooja

  • These 9 days of the Chaitra Navratri will be mostly coming in the month of March or April. Some of the temples will be doing this Chaitra Navratri in a grand manner
  • Apart from the temples of Durga Devi, the Chaitra Navratri is also famous in the Lord Shiva temples. The pilgrims can plan for the pooja and also huge crowd during the Chaitra Navratri in this temple

Chaitra Navratri Pooja Timings Durga Devi

  • The timings of the Chaitra Navratri Durga Pooja or the Ashtami Pooja will be starting in Morning and the Pooja will be mostly completed by the evening timings
  • Special Pooja will be performed in the temple and the pilgrims can participate in the same. Out of all the nine days during the Chaitra Navratri, the Ashtami day is an important day for the pooja and also the next day will be the closure of the Chaitra Navratri.

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