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Chaitra Pournami Vratham Pooja Procedure PDF Telugu Items List

Know the latest details about Chaitra Pournami Vratham Pooja Procedure PDF Telugu Items List, Chitra Pournami Pooja Vidhanam Items List Online

Chaitra Pournami also known as Chitra Pournami is an important festival in India. The festival is mostly celebrated in the South Indian states. And mostly in the Telugu and Tamil states. The Chaitra Pournami is the full moon day which occurs in the month of Chitra and hence the name. The Chaitra Pournami is the most important event in the Lord Shiva temples and also many temples in the Tamilnadu state. The temples will be conducting the Chaitra Pournami festival in the month. Also, the people who want the Chaitra Pournami to be celebrated in home can do the vratham.

Chaitra Pournami Vratham Pooja Procedure PDF Telugu Items List

  • For the Chaitra Pournami vratham pooja, the people need normal pooja items only. The pooja procedure also fairly simple for the vratham
  • The Pooja items include Kumkum, Turmeric and flowers. The Chaitra Pournami vratham is done by the ladies. The vratham will be providing good health for the family and also for the husband
  • The women will get up early in the morning and will be taking a head bath. Unlike other vratham the Chaitra Pournami is done in the evening as the moon rises in the evening
  • The Pooja especially for the moon lord only. In the evening the pooja rooms can be decorated and cleaned. Then the prasadam can be cooked for the god as an offering. Normally, the pilgrims will be cooking the Kesari or the Payasam as a prasadam.
  • The pilgrims can also offer Jaggery and milk as a prasadam for the lord. Once the decoration is completed the pilgrims can do the pooja and the harathi after which the prasadam can be offered. With this Chaitra Pournami pooja is completed. The pilgrims can download the Chaitra Pournami pooja procedure PDF from below link

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