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Thiruppavai PDF Free Online Tamil Telugu Kannada English Lyrics

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Godadevi sang the thirty pashuras that make up Thiruppavai in the Dravidian language to praise Lord Vishnu. It is a very important part of the Pannidaralvars’ Nalaiira Divya Prabandha and a well-known piece of Tamil literature.

During Dhanurmasam, unmarried women in India pray to Goddess Goda (Andal) for a good husband as part of a tradition called Katyayini Vratam. Andal thinks that the Tiruppavai vrata is in this group. During the Dwapara Yuga, Gopika women did this vrata to wish that Lord Krishna would be their husband. Sri Vaishnavas have to say these Pasuras every day, all year long, in their homes and temples. But there is something special about the songs that are sung in Dhanur month. A different pasuram is sung on each day.

Tiruppavai gives Sri Vaishnavas some rules of Vaishnava Dharma to follow during Dhanurmasam. Sri Vaishnavas from all over the country sing these chants to ask for peace and blessings. Andal and her sisters sing Tiruppavai and fast for thirty days in order to get Lord Krishna to marry her.

Thiruppavai PDF Free Online Tamil Telugu Kannada English Lyrics

  • One of the Twelve, Godadevi, wrote a treatise on the Thirty Pasuras. Vaishnavas recite these Pasuras with the utmost reverence because they preach Madhura Bhakti. Godadevi Vishnuchittu found Alvaru in her flower garden by a tulsi tree. She loved Sriranganath more and more as she got older, and she insisted on marrying him.
  • Even though Vishnu Chitta was a devotee, he thought that a marriage like this couldn’t happen. But because Godadevi was so dedicated, Ranganatha told the elders in a dream to dress Godadevi as a bride and bring her to the temple. People think that when she was a salankrita maiden, she went into the sanctum sanctorum, worshipped the Lord, and lost herself in the Lord while everyone, including the king, watched.
  • Many researchers think it took place between the 8th and 9th centuries. This Tiruppavai is made up of thirty songs that Godadevi sang when she came to Kovela with her Edu daughters in the month of Margasira. Mars is called “Tiru.” There are interpretations like Srikaram, Shubhapradam, Pavitram etc. Pavai is the same as fasting.
  • This vrata is called Margashirsha vratamani and Dhanurmasa vratamani by Vaishnavites. (Some commentaries say that Katyayani Vratam was written by Godadevi.)
  • There are also many Telugu translations of these Pasuras. Some of the people who translated were great poets and thinkers like Devulapalli Krishna Shastri, Lakshmana Yatindralu, and others. Tiruppavai is a great work of Vaishnava literature, but it is also a great work of Tamil literature.

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