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Chidambaram Arudra Darisanam 2021 Date Online Booking

Chidambaram Arudra Darisanam 2021 Date Online Booking details as below latest information. Arudra Darisanam is the most important festical in the temple of Chindambaram. Every year, thousands of pilgrims throng the chidambaram temple to have the view of the the Arudra Darisanam. This day is also known as the Arudra Abhishekam. This day is so specicail because the abhishekam is performed for the lord Nataraja in the Arudra Nakshatram. Every year this festival is celebrated in the Margazhi Month as per the tamilnadu calender. This month is very important for the Tamilians and also for people who are living throughout the globe and following the Tamil Calender

Chidambaram Arudra Darisanam 2021 Date

For the Year 2021 the Chidambaram Arudra Darisanam is on 20 December 2021, Monday at 3.30 a.m. The Arudra Abhishekam in the temple is perfomed at the temple Raja Sabai at Monring 3 AM. Please note, only limited number of pilgrims who has obtained the pre tickets or else who has booked for the Darshan online is allowed to participate in the Arudra Abhishekam. Abhishekam will take 3-4 hours with Lord Nataraja getting docorated with the Jewels from the temple. Chidambaram Arudra Darisanam 2021 Date Online Booking procedire as below.

After finishing the Pancha Murthi Thiruveethi Ula at 12 pm the Lord and the Lordess enters the Kanaka Sabai from the where the pilgrims can take the Darshan

Chidambaram Arudra Darisanam 2021 Online Booking

Pilgrims who want to particiapte in the Chidambaram Arudra Darisanam 2021 has to either book the ticket before the date of the Darshan or else should book for the ticket online. Please note, only limited number of pilgrims can attend the abhishekam. Mostly notable people and VIPs will be reserving all the tickets and it is almost impossible for the other pilgrims to obtain the tickets for the Abhishekam. But pilgrims can have a Darshan of the Lord when the Kanaka Sabai procession is happening. Pilgrims who want to register for the online tickets can click on below link for details.

Click Here to Book for the Online Booking of the Arudra Darisanam 2021



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