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Udayasthamana Seva Tirumala Online Booking

Udayasthamana Seva Tirumala Online Booking as below provides the details about the same at the Tirumala. Out of all the seva in Tirumala which happens to Lord Sri Venkateswara, the Udayasthamana Seva is most famous seva. TTD has started this seva long back but has discontinued the seva due to unknown events. From the end of 2021, the TTD authorities has decided to bring up the Udayasthamana Seva open to all the pilgrims. The details of the seva will be made available soon and below are the details which are available as of now for the pilgrims who want to participate on the Udayasthamana Seva.

Udayasthamana Seva Procedure

The Udayasthamana Seva in Tirumala means that the pilgrims who books for this seva, will be made to participate in all the seva performed to Lord Venkateswara throughout a particular day. The pilgrims benefits and also the seva will be as follows

  • Pilgrims will be starting with the participating in the opening of the temple to Melu Kolupu and Abhishekam
  • Pilgrims and the chosen family members will be able to participate in all the seva which is performed to Lord Sri Venkateswara throughout the day. There are many Arjitha Sevas and also harathis and Naivedyam performed in one day.
  • The pilgrims who has booked will be allowed to participate in all theses sevas.
  • The pilgrims who has booked for the Udayasthamana Seva will provided Prasadam accordingly.
  • 6 people can partcipate in one ticket for this seva
  • The ticket holders will be allowed to the seva to perform for a day in a year

Udayasthamana Seva Tirumala Online Booking

TTD Has allotted 500+ tickets for the Udayasthamana Seva. They are yet to be available in the market. The seva ticket prices has been decided as 1 crore per tickets and 1.5 crore for a ticket on Fridays. The details of the online booking and registration procedure are yet to be available from the temple authorites. Pilgrims can contact the respective authorities in Tirumala for details.

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