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Margali Month 2021 – 2022 Start Date Tamil Calender

Margali Month 2021 – 2022 Start Date Tamil Calender as below provides the latest information about the same. Margali Month is considered the divine month for the Tamilians. This month people will be spent mostly in the worship of God and also major festivals fall in this month only. As per the Tamil calendar, the Margali Month is as below. This month is also known as Margazhi month as per Tamil exact pronunciation. This year the Margali Month starts in the December of 2021 and ends in the January of 2022. Below are the details and important dates of the Margali Month.

Margali Month Start Date 2021 – 2022

This year of 2021 the Margali Month for the previous year has completed in January. For this year the Margali Month starts on 16 December 2021, Thursday

Margali Month Start End 2021 – 2022

Margali Month for this year ends in January 2022. The ending date of the Margali Month is on 13 January 2022, Thursday.

Please note, Margali Month 2021 – 2022 Start Date Tamil Calender the dates of the Margali Month don’t change as the dates of the years and month don’t change in the Tamil calendar and hence the dates will not change. But the auspicious days like pournami, pradosham and amavasya will change the dates in this month. Most of the temples will have special pooja and also special darshan during this month. Most pilgrims who follow the culture of Margali Month will be Praying to Lord Vishnu only.

Most of the important festivals like Arudra Darshan and Mukkoti Ekadashi falls in this month. Most pilgrims will be celebrating Lord Vishnu and hence many festivals fall in this month is for Lord Vishnu only. There will be less number of muhurtham for this month for special occasions like marriages and functions. So this is the reason most, the good functions will be performed after the completion of the margali month.

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