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Deepavali Lakshmi Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Online At Home Easy

Know the details about the Deepavali Lakshmi Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Online At Home Easy, Diwali Lakshmi Pooja Process Online Telugu Panchangam

Lord Vishnu Deveri, one of the trinity, was created by the curse of Lakshmi Durvasa, the daughter of Bhrigu Maharshi, in the churning of the milky ocean. Even in Jainism, Mahalakshmi is believed to save her devotees from hardships and bring them riches. During the Rigvedic period, goddesses such as Aditi, Raka, Purandhri were worshipped as mother idols. Atharvana Veda names the goddess ‘Sinivali’ as ‘Vishnupatni’. It is not known which of these goddesses is the mother form of Goddess Lakshmi.

There are various stories about Goddess Lakshmi in Puranas and legends. It means that Lakshmi has been with Sri Maha Vishnu since creation and never parted from her Nityanapai. It is said in the Srivaishnava tradition that Lakshminarayans are inseparable.

Deepavali Lakshmi Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Online At Home Easy

  • Goddess Lakshmi should be worshipped on the day of Diwali. There are certain rules while worshipping Lakshmi, who is said to be the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Pooja should start in the evening.
  • It is tradition to worship Ganesha in every Pooja of Diwali. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped along with Lord Ganesha.
  • Lord Ganesha is first worshipped with turmeric as part of Lakshmi Puja. Light the lamp and start the puja with the following mantra.
    A red cloth should be placed in the center of the dacha and grain should be poured on it and the Kalash should be kept. Put a gold, silver and copper vessel as an urn and pour three parts of water into it.
  • Place mango leaves in the kalash. A lotus flower should be drawn in the grain poured on the stage and the idol of Lakshmi should be placed. Also keep some coins in a plate.
  • Do tilakadharana to Goddess Lakshmi and keep offerings of flowers, saffron, turmeric, sandalwood, offerings, fruits, coconut, etc. in front of the idol. Gold and silver ornaments, pearls and coins can also be offered.
  • Goddess Lakshmi should be anointed with Panchamrita. After that take a cleansing bath. Put the jewel and pearl in water and anoint it with that water. The idol should be wiped with a cloth and placed in an urn.

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