Deepavali Nombu Pooja Procedure Vratham Tamil At Home Easy

Know the details about the Deepavali Nombu Pooja Procedure Vratham Tamil At Home Easy, Deepavali Nombu Pooja Easy Process Tamil Procedure Home

Gowri Pooja, also known as Nombu, is the name of the fast that is observed on the day after Diwali. People have made it a habit to worship the Lord by adorning their houses with various symbols and ornaments. Women who are fasting typically get up very early in the morning, clean the house, and then take a shower before beginning the fast.

It is essential that they remain in close proximity to one another until the end of the fast. That indicates that they will observe a fast. They will prepare Athirasam, then proceed to worship at the temple that is the most convenient for them. After that, they are going to finish the fast by going to see Sami at her house. They will abstain from eating anything till that time has passed. And not everyone in the family follows a vegetarian diet. They make Athirasam for Sami on a brand-new wood burner, along with a skillet and a saucepan.

Deepavali Nombu Pooja Procedure Vratham Tamil At Home Easy

  • In addition, whenever they visit the temple, they always make sure to wear fresh outfits. When they go to buy items for a puja, they first take a bath in order to clean themselves, and then they go and buy the items.
  • The rope used for tying things down comes in a variety of colours. Different types of beaded fasting ropes, buried fasting ropes, and fasting ropes that aren’t black are all for sale because that’s how their tribe does things.
  • In the same manner, they will acquire materials for puja and then conduct puja depending on the number. They also shop for and prepare the vegetables according to the number of servings. Banana fruits, in addition to the other puja elements, are used in worship by people who are unable to do Athiras.
  • In a similar vein, if someone in the family passes away during the fasting year, they do not observe the fast. A common practise among many people is to delay the celebration of fasting until after the new year has passed.
  • It is possible to be either masculine or feminine. The purpose of this fast for married women is to ensure that their mangalya will remain prosperous, while also ensuring that unmarried virgin ladies will have a successful mangalya existence (husband). Fasting is a kind of prayer that can also be done by men.
  • Every day after the beginning of the fast, knots are tied on a twenty-one-strand thread. On the last day of the fast, males wear the thread on their right hand and women wear it on their left hand with the assistance of temple priests.

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