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Deepavali Nomulu 2022 Date Timings Pooja Telugu Muhurtham

Know the details about the Deepavali Nomulu 2022 Date Timings Pooja Telugu Muhurtham, Diwali Nomulu 2022 Timings Pooja Tithi Muhurtham

Deepavali festival is one of the most celebrated festivals in the country. This festival is celebrated differently in different states in the county. Based on the state’s traditions and also the culture and history the Diwali festival is celebrated. The Deepavali festival is celebrated for two days in the South Indian states. The first day is celebrated as Nomulu and the second day is celebrated as Diwali. The first day which is celebrated as Nomulu is the most important day for the devotees in the South Indian states.

Almost the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka, Tamilnadu will be celebrating the nomulu festival in a similar way. The people who want to celebrate the Nomulu will be doing the Lakshmi pooja or the Lakshmi vratham. Then the devotees will be offering the prasadam to the lord. This day will be done very devotionally by the women

Deepavali Nomulu 2022 Date Timings Pooja Telugu Muhurtham

The Deepavali Nomulu 2022 Date is on 24 October 2022.

The Timings of the Deepavali Nomulu will be different in different regions. Some regions will be celebrating the Deepavali Nomulu in the morning and some people in the evening timings.

Generally, the people who want to do the Nomulu will be going to the nearby temple to participate in the Nomulu vratham. The temple will be organizing this vratham for the devotees in batches.

Please, this nomulu vratham will be organized by the Shiva temple and also Lord Durga temple mostly. The devotees will be going to the temple and will be participating in the Vratham all at once. Then the Nomulu will be concluded.

The devotees who can afford a priest will be hiring a priest, especially for the Nomulu and will be doing the Nomulu in a Muhurhtam and at home. This depends on the individual choice.

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