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Dhanurmasam 2022-2023 Start Date And End Dates Calendar

Know the latest details about the Dhanurmasam 2022-2023 Start Date And End Dates Calendar, Dhanurmasam Dates Panchangam Online

Dhanurmasam is one of the most important months of the year. The Dhanurmasam occurs generally in the point of transition from one old year to the new year. The dates of the Dhanurmasam 2022-2023 and the start date and end date are given below. Generally, the Dhanurmasam is attributed to the worshipping of Lord Vishnu. It can be seen in a lot of the Vishnu temples will be doing special pooja in the Dhanurmasam. The Dhanurmasam occurs at the end of December and the start of January every year. Below are the details of the Dhanurmasam 2022 and 2023.

The pilgrims will be travelling to the Vishnu temples pilgrims in this Dhanurmasam. Also, there are devotees who will be doing the pooja in the homes of Lord Vishnu. The Dhanurmasam is related to the winter months of the year.

Dhanurmasam 2022-2023 Start Date And End Dates Calendar

  • The Start Date of Dhanurmasam 2022-2023 is on 16 December 2022
  • The End Date of the Dhanurmasam 2022-2023 is on 13 January 2023

The Dhanurmasammarks the end of the English year and then the start of the New year. Also, the Dhanurmasam ends at the Makara Sankranti of the next. Below are the details of the Dhanurmasam and also its characteristics

  • The Dhanurmasam is an important month for Lord Vishnu. The devotees of the Lord Vishnu will be doing the Tiruppavai Chanting for the Lord. This Dhanurmasam marks the chanting of the Tiruppavai which is a favourite of the god
  • The pilgrims will also be doing the pilgrimage to the Lord Vishnu temple in the country
  • There are pilgrims who maintain a strict diet during this month. The Dhanurmasam vrat also is followed by some pilgrims
  • The Dhanurmasam is not that good for marriages and other functions. But if the marriages are to be done in the Dhanurmasam, then it is highly suggested contact the astrologer. The astrologer can fix dates as per the horoscope in the Dhanurmasam

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