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Dhruva Maharshi Theertham Tirumala

Dhruva Maharshi Theertham Tirumala Details and Guide

Dhruva Maharshi Theertham is available from Japali in Tirumala with a small walk. It is said that, Dhruva Maharshi who is represented by the Dhruva star in the North has Worshipped the Lord Sri Venkateswara in this place and has attained salvation. This theertham is available only by walk from Japali Theertham and it is highly suggested to ask the locals or the shop vendors for directions to this theertham.

Directions to Dhruva Maharshi theertham:

If One has to reach to Dhruva Maharshi theertham, he has to reach Japali first. From Japali ,you can see a way which is going into the forest behind the Japali temple. It takes 30 minutes walk in this way to reach Dhruva Maharshi theertham. You can see a small spring of water which is coming from the mountains and it is said that one who drinks or sprinkles this water or sprinkle on head will be blessed by Dhruva himself.

Timings of Dhruva Maharshi theertham

The timings of the theertham are from 06.00 AM to 05.00 PM

Note: It is highly suggested to ask someone for the way to the Dhruva Maharshi theertham instead of getting lost into the forest.

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