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Mokalla Parvatham Steps. Final Steps

Mokalla Parvatham is a sequence of steps which comes in the footpath way to Tirumala, when someone takes the Alipiri walking path to Tirumala. The Mokalla Parvatham unlike the other steps and path in this way is little bit difficult to climb as it will too steep and also will be continuous sequence of steps. But there are facilities for water and resting shades.

History of Mokalla Parvatham:

The name Mokalla Parvatham signifies the steepness of the hill. There is a saying that, anyone climbing up this hill will have to hold on to his knees as its so painful, due to extreme steepness and also when climbing it is said that in olden days people use to hit their knees to the step above due to its steepness. But as of now, the Mokalla Parvatham is not that much steep compared to what we expect from Olden days.

Number of steps in Tirumala Mokalla Parvatham:

The Mokalla parvatham starts from the Step No. 2910 and after the Road side walk. The total number of steps that comes in Mokalla Parvatham will be approximately 300 steps. These steps directly takes one to the entrance of Tirumala and once you  complete Mokalla Parvatham climbing then you its is considered as completion of walk and also you will reach the entrance of Tirumala.

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