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February 2023 Tirumala Rs 300 Special Darshan Release Dates

Know the latest details about the February 2023 Tirumala Rs 300 Special Darshan Release Dates, 2022 February Special Darshan Quota Release

Tirumala temple has Rs 300 Darshan which is also known as the Special Darshan. The pilgrims can book the special darshan online. Every month the Special Darshan is released online for the pilgrims. The pilgrims can book for the Rs 300 Darshan online at the TTD official website only. For every month, the tickets will be released before 3 months. The Rs 300 Darshan is the best tye of Darshan which is preferred by the pilgrims. This is because, the Darshan time will be fast and the pilgrims waiting time also is very less

This is the reason, the Rs 300 Darshan is the most preferred Darshan by the pilgrims. For now, the Rs 300 Darshan si available only online for pilgrims. Offline booking of the Darshan tickets is not available. The pilgrims can book the Darshan online now. For the month of February 2023, the pilgrims can book Rs. 300 Darshan tickets in the month of December 2022.

February 2023 Tirumala Rs 300 Special Darshan Release Dates

Special Entry Darshan (Rs.300) tickets from 12th January, 2023 to 28th February, 2023 will be available for booking w.e.f. 09.01.2023 10:00AM.

Note: Special Entry Darshan quota will not be available from 22nd February 2023 to 28th February 2023 in view of Balalayam.

The dates for the Special Darshan Rs 300 Darshan for February 2023 are not yet confirmed. But the dates will be mostly in the last week of the December 2022

The date will be solely decided by the TTD only. The pilgrims can book the tickets when they are available. We will update the exact date when they are announced. The pilgrims can also install the below app to get alerts for the tickets release as soon as they are released.

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  • Once the tickets are released for February 2023 the pilgrims can login to the TTD website and can book for the Darshan tickets using the mobile number
  • Once pilgrims can book only six tickets from the account. The pilgrims can select the extra laddu if needed at an cost of Rs 50 per laddu.

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  1. Hello team, we are planning to come on 10th of August, my baby is 11months old, he will be turing 1 year on 23rd august, are we eligible for infant darshan?, please let us know.


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