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Dhanurmasam Thiruppavai In Telugu Complete Chant Verses PDF

Know the details about the Dhanurmasam Thiruppavai In Telugu Complete Chant Verses PDF, Dhanurmasam Thiruppavai Chanting Online PDF Download

Dhanurmasam is an important month for the devotees of the Lord Vishnu. It is said the Dhanurmasam is an auspicious month for many good deeds and also for worshipping Lord Vishnu. This is the reason, all the temples will be doing special pooja for Dhanurmasam month. Generally, the Dhanurmasam will start in the month of December and will end in the month of January. The temples also follow this Dhanurmasam date as per the Telugu Calendar.

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The devotees of the Lord Vishnu will be waking up early in the morning during this Dhanurmasam. Then the people will take bath and will do the Thiruppavai chanting for the Lord Vishnu. Normally the pilgrims will be waking up Lord Vishnu with the Suprabatham. but during the Dhanurmasam the pilgrims will wake up the Dhanurmasam with Thiruppavai. This is special about the Thiruppavai

Dhanurmasam Thiruppavai In Telugu Complete Chant Verses PDF

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  • The Thiruppavai is the most sacred chanting of Lord Vishnu in Tamil. The Thiruppavai is considered one of the most complicated and also most powerful praising hymns of Lord Vishnu
  • This is the reason, it is said that Lord Vishnu will be liking the Thiruppavai chanting in the Dhanurmasam as the Suprabatham Chanting. So the temples and also the pilgrims will be doing this Thiruppavai chanting on the Dhanurmasam month
  • Normally, during the Dhanurmasam as it is winter, it will be an amazing feeling to hear the Thiruppavai in the temple as suprabatham early in the morning
  • The pilgrims also will be getting a lot of spiritual relaxation during the Dhanurmasam day for the chanting of the Thiruppavai


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