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Free Luggage Counters, Lockers PAC in Tirumala

Free Luggage Counter & Lockers Location, Timings

If you are visiting Tirumala for just one day or just for Darshan, it is very tough to get a an immediate accommodation. Due to this and heavy inflow to Tirumala, TTD has arranged luggage counters and amenity centres for pilgrims. These centres are called Pilgrim Amenity Complex (PAC). Below are the facilities which is available to Pilgrims at the Pilgrims Amenity Complex (PAC ).

  • Free lockers to store your luggage and valuables
  • Dormitory facility for Solo travellers is available
  • Lockers to store your electronic gadgets, mobiles and etc
  • Toilets and bathrooms to fresh up for free
  • Changing rooms are available for free

These PAC works free of cost, to all the pilgrims and pilgrims can deposit the luggage and other materials in the lockers. Pilgrims will be getting a key for their lockers. Once you reach to any PAC, you can apply and take a locker for free and deposit your luggage. You can take bath fresh up and access all the amenities in the centre for free .
Lockers are allotted only at the PAC. No online booking is allowed for the lockers. It will be assigned based on availability and First Come First serve basis. Please don’t get lockers from third party people or organizations except TTD.

Timings: The Centers are opened 24 hours

Locations of PAC’s in Tirumala

There are two PAC’s in Tirumala. The first one is situated beside Central reception office CRO office and is called PAC 1. The Second PAC is located on the way to NGC cottage road which is called PAC 2.

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Click here for Location of PAC 1
Click here for Location of PAC 2




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