Sri Vari Mettu: Shortest Route to Tirumala by Walk

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269 Responses

  1. Aarthi says:

    on 26 and 27 th Sep 2018 will Sri vari Metu remains open for walk?

  2. Ravi says:

    Hi, during dasera bramhosavalu on 11 Oct I am planning to Tirumala on srivari mettu way. Will I get Divya darsan token and what could be the waiting time for darshan. Thank you

  3. Rajesh M says:

    We are in group taking shrivari mettu path on 12th october 2018 friday can we get divya dharshan tickets on the day

  4. Lavanyaprasad says:

    Hello , im planning to tirumala through sreevarimettu on 22 oct ,
    Can i get divya dharshanam tickets

  5. Vithya says:

    Hi, I’m taking srivarri mettu on 24th oct. upon reaching the hill I’s there any guide ?1st time traveller to tirumala.
    Any can we go to varahaswamy temple 1st before joining divya darshan queue?

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