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Ganesh Nimajjanam Hyderabad Route Map Visarjan Procession

Know the latest news about the Ganesh Nimajjanam Hyderabad Route Map Visarjan Procession, Vinayaka Chavithi Immersion Procession Routes

Ganesh Nimajjanam which is also known as the Vinayaka Visarjan is an important part of the Vinayaka Chavithi festival. The Ganesh Nimajjanam is celebrated in a grand way in the city of Hyderabad. There are hundreds of Lord Ganesha idols which are in the city. Every year, the deovtees will be doing the immersion process in the city tanks. During the recent years, this process is properly devised by diverting the major areas idols to the near by tanks.

Based on the guildelines by the city authority, the Ganesh Nimajjanam will be done with proper route maps. The authorities will be providing the Ganesh idols in each areas to be redirected to the near by water bodies for the immersion. So the devotees has to plan accordinlgy to do the immersion process. Also, the citizens should note down traffic diversion on this date for the Ganesh Nimajjanam. Generally the Ganesh Nimajjanam in the Hyderabad city will be done on the 9th day of the Vinayaka Chavithi

Ganesh Nimajjanam Hyderabad Route Map Visarjan Procession

Procession Route 1: Procession from Keshavagiri will be going through Aliabad -> Nagulchinta -> Charminar -> Madina -> Afzalgunj -> M.J.Market -> Abids -> Basheerbagh -> Liberty -> Ambedkar Statue -> upper Tank bund / NTR Marg

Procession Route 2: Secunderabad -> RP Road -> MG Road -> Karbala Maidan -> Kawadiguda -> Musheerabad X Road -> RTC X Road -> Narayanaguda X Road -> Himayathnagar ‘Y’ Junction -> Liberty.

Procession Route 3: Uppal -> Ramanthapur -> 6 No. Junction Amberpet -> Shivam Road -> NCC at OU -> Durga Bai Deshmukh Hospital -> Hindi Mahavidyalaya X Roads -> Fever Hospital -> Barkathpura X roads -> Narayanaguda X Road -> RTC X Roads.

  • There are many more route maps for the remaining routes and also idols in different areas. The devotees has to plan accordinly for the same
  • Please note, these route map which is provided above is the route maps provided in previous year by the city authority in Hyderabad. This routes will change year to year and the devotees are requested to follow the same

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