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Vinayaka Chavithi Nimajjanam Procedure Home Visarjan in Water

Know the details on the Vinayaka Chavithi Nimajjanam Procedure Home Visarjan in Water, Ganesh Chaturthi Best Visarjan Procedure at Home

Vinayaka Chavithi festival which is also known as the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival is one of the important festivals celebrated in India. The crucial part of the celebration of the Vinayaka Chavithi festival is the Nimajjanam or the Visarjan procedure. The Vinayaka Chavithi Nimajjanam is an important procedure in the whole festival. This process is a most important process than the pooja which the devotees will be doing at home

The process below details the procedure of the Vinayaka Chavithi Nimajjanam or the Visarjan details for Lord Ganesha. The below procedure is for the idols which are made using mud or turmeric and other bio-friendly materials. We highly suggest making the Ganesha idols in bio-friendly materials to make the nimajjanam procedure easier

Vinayaka Chavithi Nimajjanam Procedure Home Visarjan in Water

  • All the pilgrims will be doing the Vinayaka Chavithi festival with the idols which have been prepared with mud or else turmeric. Even in the Vinayaka Chavithi vratha vidhanam it is suggested to make the idols with turmeric or mud. There are also devotees who make the Vinayaka Chavithi idols with cow dung
  • The Vinayaka Chavithi festival is celebrated and then the idol is dispersed because the Lord Ganesha idols in the home should be maintained with very strict procedures and also daily naivedyam
  • This is the reason, the devotees will be praying to the Lord on the Vinayaka Chavithi day and then will be doing the nimajjanam.
  • The devotees can do the Vinayaka Chavithi Nimajjanam on the 1st day, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th days. But the Lord should be offered naivedyam on all these days
  • Once the pooja is completed, the Vinayaka Chavithi idol should be done nimajjanam in any water body. Rivers, lakes, wells etc. But please note, the water bodies should be with good water. The pooja items should not be thrown into water at any cost along with the idol
  • The Lord Vinayaka idol should be offered harathi before doing the nimajjanam. Then only the nimajjanam has to be done
  • Another best way to do the Vinayaka Chavithi Nimajjanam is to place the idol in the bucket of water in the home and then feed the water to the plants in the garden is the best option to do Vinayaka Chavithi Nimmajjanam

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