Ayudha Pooja Date 2022 Best Timings Tamil Calendar Tamilnadu

Know the latest news about the Ayudha Pooja Date 2022 Best Timings Tamil Calendar Tamilnadu, Ayudha Pooja 2022 Festival Dates Time

Ayudha Pooja is the most important pooja in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and other South Indian states. According to our mythology, Ayudha Pooja is performed on the day before Vijayadashami. Ayudha Pooja means worshipping the tools of one’s profession.

Ayudha Pooja Date 2022 Best Timings Tamil Calendar Tamilnadu

For the Year 2022, the Ayudha Pooja Date is on 04 October 2022, Tuesday

The Best Time for the Ayudha Pooja is from the Evening 04.30 PM – 07.30 PM

  • A farmer worships the implements used for farming. The reason why it is worshipped like that is that Uttarashada Sravanam was victorious in Abhijit Lagna between the constellations of Devadanava, so it is traditional to worship these weapons on the day before Vijayadashami.
  • According to mythology, Goddess Durga kills demons as Mahishasura Mardini.
    So, on that day, weapons were worshipped. Since then, it is believed that by worshipping the tools that are in our homes and in our profession, we will get success.
  • Arjuna hid his things in a tree and took those tools one day before Vijayadashami and went to Kurukshetra war, he won the Kurukshetra war. It is a deep belief that by worshipping the tools we use on the day before Vijayadashami, we will also get success in the things we do.
  • We clean the weapons that we have to handle and decorate them with turmeric, saffron and flowers and put them in a row.
  • In this way, these weapons are worshipped on the day before Dashami for vehicles, agricultural implements and all kinds of machines that work in every field. Our Puranas say that by doing this we will also get success.
  • Vijayadashami or Dussehra festival is celebrated immediately after Navratri according to the Hindu calendar. But before this festival Ayudha Pooja is famously celebrated. But if this festival is celebrated on one day in Telugu states, it is celebrated on another day in other parts of Karnataka. Ayudha Pooja It is customary to worship the weapons daily.

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