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Ganga Pushkaralu 2023 Bathing Ghats Place Locations Timings

Know the details about the Ganga Pushkaralu 2023 Bathing Ghats Place Locations Timings, Ganga River Pushkaralu 2023 Bathing Ghats Places

Ganga Pushkaralu will come in the year 2023 after 12 years. The Ganga Pushkaralu will start on the day of 22 April 2022. During this time, the flow in the Ganga river is normal. Most of the pilgrims wanted to take bath in the Ganga river during the Ganga Pushkaralu. For this purpose, the Government will be arranging the Bathing Ghats for the pilgrims. Bathing Ghats are the specific places for the pilgrims to do the bathing in the Ganga river. The need for Bathing places is very essential in the Ganga Pushkaralu. As there will be lakhs of pilgrims visiting and taking baths in the Ganga Pushkaralu the pilgrims need some places.

These places are the Bathing ghats for the pilgrims. The Ganga Pushkaralu bathing ghats is already existing throughout the Shoreline of the Ganga river. The Pilgrims can for any bathing ghat available throughout the Ganga river in the basin

Ganga Pushkaralu 2023 Bathing Ghats Place Locations Timings

Below are some of the Bathing ghats for the pilgrims to take bath in the Ganga Pushkaralu. The Bathing ghats will be available from Gangotri to Haridwar. There are many places where the pilgrims can take bath.

  • Bathing Ghat locations in Gangotri
  • Bathing Ghat locations in Haridwar
  • Bathing Ghat location through the Ganga River Shoreline

The pilgrims can go to any of the bathing ghats. But if the pilgrims choose to go to the locations which are in the prime areas, then the crowd will be very high in the ghats.

  • The Pilgrims should choose the Ganga Pushkaralu bathing ghats which are located in remote locations. This enables lesser crowds and pilgrims can have the bath without any hassles.
  • Also the timings of the bathing also should be chosen which is not in prime timings.

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