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Yadagirigutta Temple Accommodation Online Booking Rooms Price

Know the latest details about the Yadagirigutta Temple Accommodation Online Booking Rooms Price, Yadadri Temple Rooms Online Booking Tariff

Yadagirigutta temple is one of the most important in the state of Telangana. The Yadagirigutta temple is also known as the Yadadri temple. The Yadagirigutta temple is the abode of the Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. The Yadagirigutta temple is visited by lakhs of pilgrims every year. The pilgrims who come to the temple plan to stay on the temple premises. For this purpose, the Yadagirigutta temple administration has built Rest Houses and Satram for the pilgrims. These blocks will be having a number of rooms which can be provided to the pilgrims. The pilgrims who want to stay in the rooms can book online or offline

The pilgrims can come to the Yadagirigutta temple directly and can book the rooms. The pilgrims can also book the rooms in advance on the temple’s official website. The pilgrims should book the room only with the temple administrations and should not trust middle men for the Yadagirigutta room booking.

Yadagirigutta Temple Accommodation Online Booking Rooms Price

The temple has rooms up on the hill and also below the hill. Most of the pilgrims wanted to stay near the temple on the hill. But the rooms are filled very fast for the rooms which are uphill. In this case, the pilgrims can book rooms which are downhill.

  • Total number of Rooms in the Yadagirigutta temple 294
  • There are AC and Non AC Rooms with basic amenities for the pilgrims
  • The pilgrims can book the Rooms starting from Rs. 50 and to the tariff of Rs.1000 for the AC Rooms
  • There are a lot of blocks and also rest houses for the pilgrims. The pilgrims can select the Rooms based on their budget. Then the rooms will be assigned for the pilgrims based on availability

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